Meditation Classes

If you think about it, your mind is your home. And one you’re stuck with, too. Is yours a nice place to live?

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 6.23.04 PMOur minds are the constant in all of our lives…but most of us never even consider them. Mindfulness is out to change this. This class introduces you to several meditation styles: tools for mindfulness. This fun hour applies ideas to your real, actual, world. Meditation saved my life, I’ll also share the story of how it did so; and, of course, how it can wildly change your life for the better.

Thanks to those of you who have come to one of my classes! Please contact me if you are interested in having a class for your group or company. Here’s a taste of it:

Blessings from the Loving-Kindness Meditation
Think or say these to yourself, someone you adore, and then to someone you’re having “a challenging time” with:
May I/you be blessed with abundance and health.
May I/you know that I am worthy of love, and of the things I desire.
May I/you have relationships that provide me with mutual acceptance and encouragement.
May I/you have meaning and purpose in my life, may it be deeply satisfying.
May I/you laugh from the very core of my belly at least daily.