How I Lost All My F-cks

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How I Lost All My F-cks is being slowly transformed into a longer, and though still light-hearted (there’s a sh*t in the title) — more involved and deeper-digging than this version I started in 2016. As a result, this here website will expire semi-soon, so keep up with me at or @heymeghartley on the socials!


How I Lost All My F-cks is more than a book. It’s a 3-part experience lasting one month, that will help you to shake off harmful societal conditioning and find a version of yourself that knows how to feel satisfied, how to have some freakin’ fun, better prioritize the things that really matter, and how really to be present during them. 

Part I elaborates on this “fucklessness” business, often using entertaining tales from my very-lived life to ground the concepts and ideas described within it. It’ll take you through learning to care about all the wrong stuff (as we’re conditioned to do), teen shenanigans, serendipitous magic in philosophy class, near-death meets chronic illness, experiencing homelessness, and more.  

Part II is a 30-day meditation challenge, teaching you various methods of mindfulness meditation (which I’ve been practicing for close to two decades), as well as daily reflection questions and a space for a short journal entry. It also includes several concepts and tales meant to leave you in an uplifted and thoughtful state, pulling from sources like psychology, philosophy, the nature-oriented spirituality of the Tao te Ching, and more.

You’ll also be rising to the challenge of Part II’Is Fuckless Adventures, choosing 20 dare-like experiences (out of 30) that are aimed to incorporate more authenticity and vulnerability in your life, connect with others, and have a whole lot of fun. It includes a handful of inspiring tales from lives lived boldly to help widen your mind’s range of potentialities.

Together, it’s an average of 20 minutes a day or so, longer if you get creative with it. 

The world is presently a confusing place, and this book will help you to better orient within it by teaching you to center in yourself. By the end of your fuckless experience, you’ll feel like your life has gone through a refreshing cleanse, and so has your mind—which is really your home, if you think about it. (And the lease is for the rest of your life…)

This project is on the backburner right now, but I look forward to finishing it in coming years. ❤

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