Writing Offerings


In addition to creative writing, I’m an experienced content and copywriter who’s written for content agencies, large organizations, and small businesses. I specialize in wellness, health, the endocannabinoid system + cannabis, and neurodiversity, but have covered many other topics and industries: retail shelving, real estate, tourism, you name it. I love learning about new topics and am interested in a wide variety of clients.

I also have a decade of experience in marketing and advertising under my belt, something especially helpful when writing persuasive copy and helping clients to better define their needs. I’d love to hear about all kinds of projects, but am generally looking for:

  1. SEO Article Creation: Research shows the first 5 online search results account for 67.6% of clicks, so it’s important to have a website that ranks relatively high so your customers can find you. That’s where Search Engine Optimization articles come in. I’ll use SEO techniques to create articles that provide prospective clients with the knowledge they need, highlight your business or organization, and improve your ranking.
  2. Web Copy: Does your homepage leave people confused, or is writing copy stopping you from creating or expanding your website? Let me take care of it. I’ll compose copy that appeals to your ideal demographic while letting them know exactly how your business can help. And if you need assistance knowing what pages to include, I’ve got you covered there as well.
  3. eBooks: Search engines increasingly favor pages higher in word count, so an eBook could be a great addition to your online marketing strategy. Additionally, they’re great for branding, demonstrating that you’re a business that goes the extra mile and cares about providing your audience with the in-depth knowledge they need. 
  4. Newsletters: Connect with clients outside of your website and social media by sending regular (but not too regular) newsletters filling them in on the latest happenings involved with your business or organization. I like to include the need-to-knows as well as the fun-to-knows, ensuring that readers don’t view it as just another sales email.
  5. Press Releases: Have an announcement to make, but are struggling to find the right words? Let me take care of it. I’ll share the news in a comprehensive-yet-succinct release that appeals to press members.
  6. Internet Presence Audit: The internet is a big place. What are people seeing when they search for you online? The web’s usually your first touch with potential clients, so make sure you’re leaving a good impression.
  7. Publication Articles: If you’re a paying publication seeking a writer who is #actuallyautistic, a fighter of invisible illness, has extensive knowledge of the endocannabinoid system and cannabis, or are otherwise interested in featuring an article of my creation, I’d love to hear from you.

Rates vary depending on the project and topic/my level of expertise but generally start at $.20/wd with bulk rates available for the right clients.

Whatever your writing needs may be, please feel free to inquire for more information. ★