When the Tests Come

Sometimes in order to become who we need to be, we actually *need* our lives to act like big asshoolios for a bit. Obnoxious as it may be, it’s this sort of being cracked open that often leads us to our inner treasures; our unique strengths, talents, quirks, and inspirations that could not have been mused up through the same ol’ same ol’.⁠

So if life is presently pushing you towards a breaking point, I recommend that you lean into your emotions instead of avoiding them – the way out, is through. Have a meditation on the matter, a good cry, or beat the shit out of your bed.⁠

Sooner or later, you’re going to break either way. We break because we need it, so the process cannot be stopped — only proloooonged.

You can do it with intention, knowing that the upset is happening for a reason, and you’re gonna fucking find it – or you’ll break when it finally catches up with you, usually by surprise, and never at a great time. (In my experience, the universe tends to get louder when it repeats itself…)⁠

You got this. 😘

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